Integrative MedicineIntegrative Medicine is a system of care that emphasizes wellness and healing of the entire person (bio-psychosocial-spiritual dimensions) as its primary goal.  Integrative Medicine interfaces Western medicine or allopathic medicine with alternative or complementary disciplines of health care. Although many of these alternative and complementary disciplines exist as health care systems by themselves, they can also be interfaced with western medicine to create a new health care paradigm. Integrative Medicine proposes that the origin of our health and of disease is multifactorial, including lifestyle, genetics, physical, emotional, psychological, as well as, spiritual well-being.

What can Integrative Medicine offer that is unique?

There often is no “Magic Pill”.  Integrative Medicine attempts to find the root sources of the disorder/disease/imbalance. Integrative medicine seeks to uncover the origins of the imbalance and looks to cure that imbalance instead of giving a “band aid” treatment.

It focuses on the individual.  Integrative Medicine takes into consideration the physical, mental, emotional constitution of the individual as well as, the environment with which one lives when advising recommendations and prescriptions. Therefore, two people with the same diagnosis may have very different prescriptions.

Prevention and Healthy Aging.  Often a visit to the Dr. does not extend far beyond the chief symptom or disease and address issues of healthy aging. As the World Health Organization says, “Health is not just the absence of disease…” Aging with optimum health is a possibility.

Flower VitalityVitality.  Alternative and traditional paradigms such as therapeutic touch, homeopathy and Ayurveda work on a structural and subtle level that transform the physiology, enhancing Vitality (capacity to live, develop and endure).  Not only has your symptom improved but you are feeling more alive, purposeful and in a place of well-being. Health is not just the absence of disease but a positive achievable vitality model.

Self-healing.  The individual and the collective have the ability to transform our own physiology for balance and cure. Our cells regenerate and how we live, think and act play an important part in how this happens.